Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Book Review: Busting Vegas

For guys who don't read books. This system actually works (no card counting).

Rating: 3.25/4 stars.

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Setup the SSH server to use keys for authentication

This article describes how to configure the SSH server, so that users can authenticate by using keys only (no passwords allowed), how to generate DSA keys using ssh-keygen, how to configure the ssh-agent and finally how to use ssh-add to manage cached passphrases.

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TiVo Testing Trial Movie Download For Broadband Users. Netflex Coming Soon?

If you have a TiVo Series2 box connected to your home network, you've likely noticed that TiVo is testing a new feature that allows you to download programs to your TiVo box over your broadband. As part of this test, they've got a special offer for their network-connected subscribers: a FREE MOVIE! TiVo Netflix here we come!

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Open source AJAX-powered webmail

Amazing use of AJAX looks like Outlook and Gmail on steroids, open source too. Conversation grouping, tagging, saved searches, also has open API. Link goes to demo.

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Top Ten TearJerker Flicks for Guys

Another one from YesButNoButYes, but this one is freakin great...See the list here.

Ten Wild Plays in NFL History

(DoubleViking --> YesButNoButYes) It's the last-minute, edge-of-your-seat plays like this that make football so great, and it's in honor of these, that I thought I'd take a look at some of the wilder plays in the history of the NFL. Now please note, I didn't go for the usual ones, so you won't find The Catch (Joe Montana to Dwight Clark), or The Drive (John ELway 98 yard march to an overtime victory), or even the Immaculate Reception (The Franco Harris "look what I found" play). I wanted to focus on some of the stranger plays I've seen. And as always, feel free to call me slanderous names and tell me the ones you think I missed...[ More ]

How the Death Star Works

(DoubleViking --> HowStuffWorks) Simply put, the Death Star is the most ambitious space station project in Galactic history. It takes more than a million military personnel to run this station, which is the size of a small moon.

But the Death Star is no moon. Despite its size, the Death Star can still travel at superluminal velocities just like spacecraft with only a fraction of its mass. But the real power and purpose of the Death Star lies in its Superlaser. The Death Star's Superlaser is capable of firing a beam of directed energy powerful enough to completely destroy a planet of any size! Needless to say, nothing quells chaos and disorder faster than the threat of total planetary annihilation.

The Death Star represents the absolute pinnacle of military engineering and technology. In this article HowStuffWorks will look at the Death Star inside and out, examine the fascinating history behind this powerful military and political tool, discover other incarnations of the Death Star and learn about what really happens when you blow up a planet...[ More ]

Marines Quiet About Brutal New Weapon

Scary but cool...

(from DefenseTech.org) War is hell. But it’s worse when the Marines bring out their new urban combat weapon, the SMAW-NE. Which may be why they’re not talking about it, much.

This is a version of the standard USMC Shoulder Mounted Assault Weapon but with a new warhead. Described as NE - "Novel Explosive"- it is a thermobaric mixture which ignites the air, producing a shockwave of unparalleled destructive power, especially against buildings...[ More ]

Welcome to Planet Sony

Effects of Sony's DRM software. Here is a study done by examining all of the DNS requests for the webpage contacted by the software. Impressive to say the least.
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Ten Best Ajax Links

~ The Ten Best Ajax Links: Tutorials, Examples, and History ~

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML is the newest phenomenon to hit the net. I’m sure most of you have heard of it as the catchy little name of Ajax. Ajax is all the rage now if you want a trendy website. If you have a website, or portal you run; it will almost guarantee you get hits if you put some Ajax in there, and advertise that you have done so.

In order to help you in your quest to add some Ajax code into your site; I have scoured the net for the ten best tutorials, and examples.

  1. Ajax Tutorial: Ajax What is it Good For?
    1. This site covers not only how to code in Ajax, and to implement it into your site, but also the history of it, and how it came to be. It is a good place to start.
  2. Rasmus’ 30 second Ajax Tutorial
    1. This is a quick and dirty introduction to Ajax. It doesn’t go in depth, but in 30 seconds (ok, a few minutes) you should be able to comprehend it; if you have coding knowledge.
  3. Ajax: Getting Started
    1. This is from the Mozilla developer center. This is also a somewhat basic introduction to Ajax, but it is quite nicely laid out.
  4. Interactivity with Remote Scripting
    1. This is just like the first two, basic, yet understandable. A good read if you are still having trouble understanding Ajax, and remote scripting.
  5. Ajax Examples
    1. This site isn’t so much a tutorial, as it is a comprehensive list of Ajax examples. The author lists real world uses of Ajax to give you ideas on what you can use it for in your sites.
  6. Ajax (programming)
    1. Wikipedia usually has a plethora of information and links for many, many topics. This is also true for Ajax programming. There is some great information here, and make sure to check out the external links at the end of the wiki.
  7. Ajax in ASP.NET
    1. If you are an ASP.NET developer, than this is the place to take a look at once you understand the basics of Ajax. Microsoft is busy working on their own implementation of Ajax; called Atlas, but it isn’t ready yet.
  8. Ajax with J2EE
    1. Another tutorial of Ajax, this time implementing with J2EE.
  9. Ruby on Rails
    1. There is a very active group of developers that swear by Ruby on Rails. It is a framework that accelerates the development of Ajax. It is considered a very fleshed out and easy to use version of Ajax. As a bonus; Ruby is incredibly easy to learn to code in.
  10. Ajax: A New Approach to Web Applications
    1. It’s probably best to actually include the article that coined the term Ajax. It doesn’t have code examples, but does give a nice walkthrough of how Ajax actually works.
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An Overview of Cryptography

Cryptography is the science of writing in secret code and is an ancient art; the first documented use of cryptography in writing dates back to circa 1900 B.C. when an Egyptian scribe used non-standard hieroglyphs in an inscription. Some experts argue that cryptography appeared spontaneously sometime after writing was invented, with applications ranging from diplomatic missives to war-time battle plans. It is no surprise, then, that new forms of cryptography came soon after the widespread development of computer communications. In data and telecommunications, cryptography is necessary when communicating over any untrusted medium, which includes just about any network, particularly the Internet.[ More ]

Table made from giant hard-drive platter

(via BoingBoing)

The Hard Drive Coffee Table top is an original 26" diameter hard drive platter from an early storage device (circa 1970). The center hub of the platter is solid aluminum. The custom-created pedestal is also solid aluminum; a cylinder measuring 5.9" in diameter and 18.5" in length. It has a machined top and bottom to fit into the hard drive hub and base, respectively. The base is a solid aluminum 12" diameter, 1.75" high round obtained from a now-defunct government laboratory. Four bolts are screwed into tapped holes in the pedestal in order to secure the hard drive platter and the pedestal is press-fit into the base. It is covered with standard 1/4" table glass. The completed design measures 19.5" high and weighs 64 pounds.
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Google Analytics

If you have an AdWords account, you can access Google Analytics directly from your AdWords interface. Google Analytics also saves you time by automatically importing all your keyword data from AdWords. So you see ROI and other key metrics for every keyword you buy on AdWords, with no extra effort on your part, just by using Google Analytics...

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Nepalese Porters May Be World's Most Efficient Haulers

If you've ever watched Nepalese porters in action, you might think they have superhuman strength. How else to explain their ability to carry loads weighing more than 100 pounds (45 kilograms), mile after arduous mile over steep Himalaya terrain?

Now scientists say they have a clue as to how the porters do it: They use less energy than other people would require for the same work...

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Google Registers A Few New Domain Names

The folks in Mountain View have registered a few new domains in the past couple of days.

+ GoogleMagazines.com
also registered in the .net, .org, and .info domains.

+ GooglePapers.org
also registered in .net and .info domains. GooglePapers.com is registered to a person in British Columbia.

+ GoogleMicrofilm.com
also registered in the .net, .org, and .info domains. Forget books. We do know that LOTS of microfilm needs to be digitized. (-: Other than that, speculate all you want, or not.

+ GoogleLibrary.org
GoogleLibrary.com, .net, and .info are registered to others. Here's a chance to get at least one domain.

Want to review more Google registered domains? Check this list.

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Monday, November 14, 2005

Nasa International Space Station Images

NASA released the Top-10 space images ever taken (from the ISS). If you like space, cameras, or whatever, you'd be tough not to enjoy some of these high-res photos.


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(Following text from DrudgeReport.com <- note:This website is great)

HONEYWELL is developing a micro flying spy drone -- that would be used for civilian law enforcement!

The device, a hovering robot carrying video cameras and other sensors, is being created and tested at HONEYWELL's Albuquerque, NM plant.

The first round of testing on the drone [MICRO AIR VEHICLE] has been completed, reports Bob Martin of CBS affiliate KRQE.

The battery powered craft can stay in the air for 50-60 minutes at a time, and moves around at up to 55 kilometers an hour.

The Micro Air Vehicle has flown more than 200 successful flights, including flying in a representative urban environment.

"If there is an emergency, you could provide "eyes" on whatever the emergency is, for police or Homeland Security," explains Vaughn Fulton of HONEYWELL.

In the meantime, the U.S. Army has prepared a promotional video showing the craft zooming over war-zone streets.

Drones have been given to the military to test during training exercises.

"It has the same system most fighter jets would have," explains Fulton.

The vehicle will be used for reconnaissance, security and target acquisition operations in open, rolling, complex and urban terrain; it will be equipped with Global Positioning Satellite.

HONEYWELL and government officials are meeting to discuss the status of the project.

Troops in Iraq could get the craft in a year or two.

The spy drone would be deployed for domestic use shortly thereafter.


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