Thursday, December 01, 2005

Mapping the London Underground with time instead of distance

The London Underground map is famous for reasons of both design and ubiquity. This student, however, took a fresh approach and redesigned the map to illustrate journey time, not journey distance. What a great concept.

Great comment from digg user pglee2005:
It's a nice idea but not that original. A spatial equivalent has existed for some time.

I would like to see the journey duration contours in a concentric layout - the current display distorts them

An earlier poster correctly notes the schematic purpose of the map, contrast that with a geographical correct version is pretty cool - link then link - or an extension of this link

This is an interesting site with good coverage of what is (i feel) an iconic image yet incredibly useful to millions. link

Finally if ever in London the following website is a great way to get around
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