Saturday, December 03, 2005

The HRP-2P, A Robot That Does Martial Arts

This would go in the 'badass' category, if this blog had categories. Or maybe 'Bad Motherfucker', or whatever. Shit is cool. Where do I get one. HooAhh.
"outside and human/robot cooperative” task experiments. HRP-2P is 154 cm in height and weighs 58 kg including batteries. It has 30 degrees of freedom including two hip-joint axes. The cantilevered crotch joints make it possible to walk in narrow paths. A high density electronics installation made it possible to do away with a bulky “backpack” that usually contains the computers, electronics and batteries of humanoid robots."

The HRP-2P will be used for experiments in walking on uneven terrains, “falling or tipping-over” control, getting-up from fallen positions, etc., that are important basic tasks for humanoid robots involved in human-interactive operations.

From OhGizmo!: "[The HRP-2P] VIA [3Yen] And, finally, here’s a link to a page with a ton of pictures and videos."


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