Thursday, December 15, 2005

Helmet's Can Be Cool. Maybe.

(By Andy G. [thecoolhunter]) Stack hats suck. Most kids would rather suffer a brain injury than endure the humiliation of wearing one. They are like wearing corduroy flares ..on your head. Thanks to Indigo Snow the Hell is taken out of Helmet with their awesome new line of head protective gear. Inspired by retro cool Evil Knievel line designs, these helmets have the competitive edge with their injection of organic and reptilian face designs. The cobra and black belly snake skin designs would make The Fonz weep, whilst the wood grain finish say ' I'm earthy and up for the challenge". Full on flip down eye wear attached is so 'Magnum P.I' its in a cool class of its own. Extreme sports safety gear has been at a relatively uninspiring stage for some time now.

The Cool Hunter


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