Friday, December 16, 2005

Blog-X Awards Winner: Gizmodo

(from TechWeb) This blog was the landslide winner in this year's Blog-X awards, pulling in more than a third of the top-ten votes. Gizmodo is known for keeping up with the latest developments in personal technology, and doing so with humor and style. Its posts are sometimes sarcastic, usually to the point, and always up to date.

Link | Gizmodo

10: Gear Live
9: TechNudge
8: Oh Gizmo!
7: MuniWireless
6: Andy on Enterprise Software
5: TechCrunch
3: RealTechNews
2: Day in the Life of an Information Security Investigator

Flo Bytes would like to say (as if anyone reads this) congradulations and thank you to the crew at Gizmodo for providing the rest of us with so much quality content and awsome links (they do supply alot of the actual content of this site :) ).


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