Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Neuroanatomy for the iPod (medical school is super cool)

(From Medgadget) "We've blogged about iPods in the hospital before. Now, with a new atlas of the CNS from Sylvius, educational iPods are heading into medical schools as well:
SylviusVG, iPod Edition is a visual glossary of the human brain and spinal cord containing information on more than 400 neuroanatomical structures and terms. For each term, Sylvius features:

· a description of the structure's location and function

· a detailed image and text description of the image

· an audio pronunciation

· links to related terms and structures

The package costs as much as an online music album, and works through the Notes menu system. The only audio supplied is for pronunciation; the rest is text and pictures for hundreds of neuroanatomy terms."

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