Tuesday, November 15, 2005

How the Death Star Works

(DoubleViking --> HowStuffWorks) Simply put, the Death Star is the most ambitious space station project in Galactic history. It takes more than a million military personnel to run this station, which is the size of a small moon.

But the Death Star is no moon. Despite its size, the Death Star can still travel at superluminal velocities just like spacecraft with only a fraction of its mass. But the real power and purpose of the Death Star lies in its Superlaser. The Death Star's Superlaser is capable of firing a beam of directed energy powerful enough to completely destroy a planet of any size! Needless to say, nothing quells chaos and disorder faster than the threat of total planetary annihilation.

The Death Star represents the absolute pinnacle of military engineering and technology. In this article HowStuffWorks will look at the Death Star inside and out, examine the fascinating history behind this powerful military and political tool, discover other incarnations of the Death Star and learn about what really happens when you blow up a planet...[ More ]


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