Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Hot Dogs & More: Badlands Booker Page - Athlete and Musician

Here is a link to get busy to Badlands Booker. If you 'aint heard of Bandlands, you gotta check this out. Booker recently came to mainstream fame with his appearance at the 2005 Nathans Hot dog eating competition in Coney Island, NY. A veteran to the sport, Booker has been competing since before 1997, and holds trophies in such events as Burrito, Corn Beef, Onion, Cannoli, Matzo Ball, Cheesecake, Hamentaschen, and Apple Dumpling eating contests (See profile). Although he didn't win this year's event, he certainly has earned his well respected place among some of the worlds most fiersome athletes.

Booker is also an emerging Hip Hop artist, with his latest hit "Hungry and Focused". You can hear a sample of his latest funk at


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